It all started after I finished my Abitur school-leaving exam: as an enthusiastic boy scout, I started to travel: from Russia to China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Sin­gapore, Indonesia and Nepal. This trip made such an impression on me that I liter­ally ‘had’ to take up studies in sinology, history and economics in Freiburg and Dalian (China).

But what to do with my degree? I started in the ‘travel group’ in the distribution de­partment of Allianz, taking care of large corporate customers, brokers, and financial product distributors. I was quickly transferred to Shanghai and worked intensively between both countries for a number of years, but my time was primarily spent im­plementing Allianz’s growth plans in China – with Chinese teams and Chinese busi­ness partners. After a number of posts and an Executive MBA, I worked as the CEO for Allianz in Guangzhou from 2011 – 2014; for several years I also served as a member of the Board of Directors of the German Chamber of Commerce in South- and South West China.

I have been working as a consultant and – above all – an implementer of projects between Germany and China since 2014.

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