»The Chinese are unapproachable. Joint ventures are the most practical form of co­operation. China is cheap.« Hardly any other economic nation is the subject of so much discussion yet so little understanding. This makes it complicated for small and medium-sized companies to achieve long-term success in China and with Chi­nese companies.

That is where I can help you as your man in China. I have dedicated almost my en­tire professional life to the Chinese business culture, building a solid network in China, dealings with the Chinese authorities, and the strategy of German compa­nies in various regions of China.

I would be only too happy to develop and review your strategy, provide consulta­tion on business opportunities, establish connections on-site, and implement projects. Fluent in Chinese.

Issue 1 of 8:

We want to penetrate the Chinese market –
what is the best way of doing this?

Together we will set objectives, select the right location, find the most suitable legal structure, and I will put you in contact with the best business partners.

Our results in China are unsatisfactory – why?

Together we will review your objectives and your strategy, I will clarify any deviations for you on the ground and together we will make adjustments to the plan for the coming years.

We want to expand in China by means of acquisition –
how do we find the right project?

Using my network on the ground, I will look for suitable acquisition projects, act as a broker, and, if desired, transact the purchase with partners.

As a Chinese company, we would like to import goods from Europe.

I liaise systematically, hold talks, and conduct negotiations between cultures before ultimately procuring the desired product. This is to the benefit of both companies.

In our joint venture there are always problems in China – how can we remedy this quickly?

I search for the actual problem on the ground, uncover misunderstandings and differing perceptions, and manage the process of getting everyone on the same path.

We would like to set up in China –
but where exactly?

China is more like a continent than a country. I can provide you with extensive counsel on the various different regions, organize evaluation trips, and establish contacts on the ground.

We are a Chinese company hoping to acquire a German company.

Using my contacts I can source a suitable acquisition target and supervise the transaction. Good for Chinese companies, as well as many German companies with succession problems.

Cooperation with authorities in China is complicated – what can we do?

I am familiar with the rules for dealing with the authorities on the ground and can put my on-site connections to use in a targeted manner.


It all started after I finished my Abitur school-leaving exam: as an enthusiastic boy scout, I started to travel: from Russia to China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indone­sia and Nepal. This trip made such an impression on me that I literally ‘had’ to take up studies in sinology, history and economics in Freiburg and Dalian (China).

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